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Global Charger’s design powerbank for festivals and beyond:

  • Charging cable included
  • Suitable for all electronic devices
  • Ultra-light, ultra-thin, ultra-flat and ultra-strong
  • 24-hour after-sales service on whatsapp
  • Can charge several devices at the same time

(MANA and BIG MANA) An adapter for your phone is supplied (choose below)

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  • Universal external rechargeable battery with integrated cable
  • 4,000mAh (5V/2A): approx. two smartphone recharges
  • Charges most smartphones in 1h30
  • Recharges in 4h
  • Free swapping for life
  • iPhone or USB-C adapter included
  • 100g


  • Universal external rechargeable battery with integrated cable
  • 10,000mAh (5V/2.1A): approx. four smartphone recharges
  • Recharges all smartphones in 1h30
  • Recharges in 4h
  • Free swapping for life
  • iPhone or USB-C adapter included
  • 200g


  • Universal rechargeable external battery
  • 20,000mAh (up to 20W of power): charges USB-C laptopss
  • Discover 20W fast charging to suit your devices: USB-C or USB3 (orange port)
  • Recharge via USB-C, MICRO-USB or ilightning cable
  • Free swapping for life
  • USB-C cable included
  • 360g

Customize your MANA

Our offices are equipped with the best printing technology: Roland UV printers provide 4K quality and odorless eco-friendly ink.

We print batteries on demand for individuals and companies.

Swap your MANA

In a move to combat the programmed obsolescence of lithium batteries, we recondition and recycle MANAs.

We exchange them for new ones for one year, then for a reconditioned mana for the rest of your life!

Follow us !

We organize many contests and seasonal offers in partnership with festivals, events and artists.


MANA, mythical service and battery

We’ve been distibuting our MANA powerbanks at music festivals since 2016.

MANA is a robust external battery designed to survive death-metal festivals!

Its sleek, slim design matches the shape of your smartphone.

Its featherweight makes it easy to slip into your bag or pocket.

Both sides are printed in Paris by our team.

It has the same composition as smartphone batteries (lithium polymer).

Thanks to its integrated cord (MANA and BIG MANA), you can plug it directly into your device to recharge it.

A hidden USB port lets you plug in any cable (MANA and BIG MANA).

iPhone and USB-C adapters are supplied (MANA and BIG MANA).

The new MEGA MANA can recharge laptops with USB-C (20W).

We offer a wide range of designs resulting from collaborations with events, artists or purely thematic creations.

Should the slightest problem arise, return the MANA to us and we’ll repair, recycle or exchange it free of charge!

Informations complémentaires

Poids ND
Dimensions ND

MANA: 4,000mAh (charges approx. 1-2 smartphones)

Big MANA: 10,000mAh (charges approx. 2-3 smartphones)

MEGA MANA : 20,000mAh (charges approx. 5-6 smartphones)


Input: 5V/1A (micro USB on edge with supplied cable)
Output: 2 x 5V/1A (internal USB port Micro-USB output)

Big MANA :
Input: 5V/2A (micro USB on edge with cable supplied)
Output: 2 x 5V/2A (internal USB port Micro-USB output)

Input1(MICRO USB): 5V-2.0A/9V-2.0A
Input2(Type c PD): 5V-2.0A/9V-2.0A
Input3(lighting): 5V-1.5A
Sortie1: 5-6V-3.0A/6-9V-2.0A/9-12V-1.5A
Output2(Type c PD): 5-6V-3.0A/6-9V-2.0A/9-12V-1.5A

Poids / Taille

MEGA MANA : 8,5*15*2cm (360g), Big MANA : 7*13*2cm (250g), MANA : 7*13*1cm (100g)


We exchange the product for a new one if it breaksdown within a year.
You then have access to the MANA LIFETIME EXCHANGE SERVICE at approved locations.
Free exchange with no conditions.


2024, 2023